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Our family run and pet friendly park is in the heart of the Home Counties on the south bank of the River Thames

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I view caravans you have for sale?

You can book a telephone appointment for a Holiday Park Enquiry and once this is complete you can visit the Park to view caravans. A separate viewing procedure is sent to you before your appointment.

2. Do you have Park Rules?

Yes – when you sign the Holiday Park Enquiry form you are signing to acknowledge that you have received and accept the current Park Rules. It is important that you have read and understood these

3. How much does it cost to buy a Caravan Holiday Home on the Park and how can I pay?

New Holiday Homes start at approximately £30,000 and pre-owned units start at about £8,000. You can pay for your caravan by bank transfer or debit card. We are unable to accept credit card payments or cash. Maintaining a new caravan in 2021 will cost in the region of £4,100 per annum, with gas costs being higher for a caravan with central heating.

  • a) Pitch Fee £3580  (2022 pitch fee rate)
  • b) Insurance £  300  (£23,000 caravan + £2000 contents
  • c) Gas £  164  (2 x  47kg bottles @ £82 each)
  • d) Electricity £  120  (range £50 to £200 per annum)

4. How long can I keep my caravan on the Park

Your Licence Agreement starts on the date of sale and ends on the 1st of April following the 24th anniversary of the caravan’s original sale when new. Once this has expired the caravan must be removed from the park and this may involve a cost depending on its condition – see note 22.

5. Does my caravan need a gas and electric test?

Caravans are normally tested for gas and electrical safety when they are offered for sale. They need testing once they are 10 years old and thereafter every 2 years and we charge £145 for both tests.

6. Do I need to insure my caravan?

Yes. It is compulsory to insure your caravan at Hurley Riverside Park. We require evidence that your caravan is insured before we hand over the keys. The annual cost is likely to be £200 to £400. We suggest you get several quotes as the rates and cover vary quite a lot between insurers.

7. Can I insure my caravan against flooding?

Parts of the park are sometimes affected by flooding. It is unlikely that you will be offered Flood Cover so we suggest your caravan is at least 16” above the highest recorded flood level in 2014.

8. Can I bring a van onto the Park?

We only permit cars to be brought to the Park. Generally commercial vehicles are only admitted under special circumstances for collections and deliveries. Permits are required for these. Taxis, vans, lorries and most pick-ups are also not permitted. You may, subject to obtaining a temporary permit, use a commercial vehicle to deliver bulky goods to your caravan on an occasional basis. Please see our separate FAQ on this..

9. How many cars can I bring to the Park

We allow one car per pitch, however we may allow 2 cars if required. We will give you 1 barrier pass free of charge but you may apply for an additional pass at a cost of £23.50

10. Can I stay in my caravan all year round?

No. The caravan may be occupied for holiday purposes from the 1st March until 31st October each year. During the winter (1st November to 1st March) you may occupy the caravan from Friday noon to Monday noon ‘for the purposes of fishing’, but you may not stay overnight in the week. During this period services may be restricted and problems may take longer to resolve.

11. Do you take dogs?

Only 1 dog of an approved breed is permitted per caravan

12. Can I swim in the river or go fishing?

Poor swimmers should not attempt to swim across the river (see also note 7). A rod licence is required to fish anywhere in England. In addition a day ticket is required to fish from Hurley Riverside Park river-bank. If you are a member of the Hurley Park Fishing Club you have exclusive use of our lake in Cedar Field and also free river fishing.

13. Do I need to drain down my caravan in the winter?

We strongly recommend that you do this. We offer a winterisation and re-commissioning service of your caravan. These cost £25 each for caravans without central heating and £40 each plus antifreeze for caravans with central heating. Please see our separate FAQ on this.

14. Do I need to prove where I live?

As we are not a residential park you must own your own home or have a rental agreement for a house. The caravan owner must be the main user of the caravan. In order to prove this we need to see a Council Tax bill and a utility bill in the caravan owner’s name and also a photo ID. The owner must be the main user of the caravan and is not permitted to sub-let the caravan to anyone including family members. Please see our separate FAQ on this.

15. Can I run a business from my caravan?

You are not permitted to run a business from your caravan

 16. What happens after I sign the Licence Agreement?

After signing the Agreement, you have a 5-day cooling off period during which you may change your mind about the purchase of the caravan and receive a full refund of everything you have paid.

 17. What happens at the handover?

When all the paperwork has been completed and all payments made for the caravan, we carry out the hand-over at which time we hand over the keys and you then  own the caravan

18. Do you offer a warranty?

  • 3rd party caravans: We do not offer a warranty for caravans we do not own but we give you five days to check the caravan over after you have purchased it to ensure there are no undeclared faults.
  • Used caravans that we own are given a 90 day warranty
  • New caravans are given a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty from the date of sale.

 19. Can I reserve a caravan without paying a deposit?

Having viewed a caravan you have the option of paying a deposit (minimum £500) or taking time to think about your purchase. We will not hold a caravan for you without this deposit.

 20. What happens if my change my mind after paying a deposit?

After the 5-day cooling-off period you deposit is “at risk” and may be lost if you fail to complete the purchase.

 21. How do I sell my caravan and do you charge sales commission?

To sell your caravan you must hold a valid licence agreement. We will give you a guide price for your caravan and this will mainly depend on its age and condition. The caravan would need a gas and electrical safety tests and any work to pass these tests would need to be completed. When a caravan is sold on the Park or to go off the Park we charge you a sales commission of 15% of the actual sale price. Following the sale of the caravan, the balance will be sent to you via bank transfer normally 5-7 days after the sale.

 22. What happens when my Licence Agreement expires?

When the caravan is removed from the Park it may not be saleable and may need to be scrapped which has cost up to £1,800 in the past. We recommend dealing with the sale of an old caravan, whose Licence is about to expire, in the October prior to expiry. From the date the caravan goes off the Park your account will be credited with a refund of pitch fee which may offset most of the scrappage fees. Please see our separate FAQ on this.

23, Do I need a fire extinguisher?

Caravans require a 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher which needs to be maintained by the owner. If there is not a fire extinguisher in the caravan it is your responsibility to provide one

 24. Can I sublet my caravan?

The applicant must be the main user of the caravan and although family members and friends may use the caravan from time to time they may not become the main user as this would then be seen as sub-letting

 25. Can I have a shed?

Fire Regulations do not permit wooden shed to be brought on to the Park as they are regarded as a fire hazard. A form must be completed before any shed is brought to the Park and approval granted by a Director. Please see our separate FAQ on this.

 26. Can I have decking or replace my decking?

If you would like to install decking, fencing or steps a form must be completed and submitted to the Park Office. Any application must be approved by a Director. Please see our separate FAQ on this.

 27. Can I keep a boat here?

Yes. If you own a Caravan Holiday Home at Hurley Riverside Park you may be eligible to keep a boat in the Boat Park. The current charges range from £60 p.a. to £200 p.a. depending on the size. Mooring charges are £52 per foot per annum for the length of the mooring. The mooring needs to be at least 3ft longer than the overall length of your boat including engines, out-drives, pulpit rails, davits etc. Boats need to be licensed and insured for the river.

28. Are you a member of a trade association?

Yes. This is one of the first questions you should ask a Caravan Holiday Home Park. We are members of the British Holiday and Home Park Association (BH&HPA) the largest trade association in the UK caravan industry. The BH&HPA ensures that Caravan Parks maintain certain standards of behaviour and management.

 29. What type of transport can I use on the Park?

As our roads are accessible to the public, the Road Traffic act applies and only vehicles that are licenced and insured to drive on the Park are allowed. This means that we don’t allow quad bikes, e-scooters or other transport that you would be allowed to use on the main road.

30. Do you need a key for my caravan?

Yes. We keep a spare key for your caravan in a secured safe as we need access to your caravan for gas and electric tests. It is also available for your use in case you forget your key

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