How much does it cost to buy a Caravan Holiday Home on the Park and how can I pay?

New Holiday Homes start at approximately £50,000 and pre-owned units start at about £8,000. You can pay for your Caravan Holiday Homes by bank transfer or debit card. We are unable to accept credit card payments or cash. Maintaining a new Caravan Holiday Homes in 2023 will cost in the region of £4,500 per annum, with gas costs being higher for a caravan with central heating.

a) Pitch Fee £3830 (2023 pitch fee rate)
b) Insurance £ 300 (from £100 for Market Value to £400 for New for Old)
c) Gas £ 200 (2 x 47kg bottles)
d) Electricity £ 120 (range £50 to £200 per annum)